Friday, July 20, 2007

Dog Tired

Tonight I am DOG TIRED.
This has been the first week with me flying solo with baby and daughter as Mum caught a virus and got time off for good behaviour. And I'm EXHAUSTED. A new kind of whole body tired I have NEVER experienced before.
How did Maria manage with all the Von Trapps??? And she still had the energy to flirt with the Captain and to climb mountains?!? A proverbial wonder woman.
If I get a guitar and dress my kids in clothes made from curtains will it help me manage single-handed childcare better? Please answer no.
Needless to say I've just ordered Dr Tanya Byron's 'Little Angels' book - yep, it's that bad! jx


Jessica Raymond said...


Let me know what you think of the book!

Jess x

Natalie Anderson said...

It's shattering isn't it? But you know, I think you get used to it after a while - it just becomes normal to exist on nada sleep or often-interrupted sleep. Its not ideal but you can get through it. I know I'm not getting a decent night's sleep until 2009 probably (I'm not kidding sadly!)
... still, that's why I write books! Makes me feel so much better when I'm up in the night, great time for scene construction...
((hugs)) tho doll - hope your ma gets better soon too!!!