Tuesday, July 03, 2007


I'm excited - just had a great burst of creative juice to get writing a new story! Which is unfortunate because I really have no time right now. Baby is hungry and needs me every spare moment I have while oldest daughter needs me even more (she's going through a little sibling spat which will come right in the end but needs loads of patience, time and love right now!)

However I'm still excited. I can't wait to write. Even if I'm slow and can't devote much time. It's wonderful to feel so driven to get this story down and I'm grateful just for that.

In other news - if you don't already know about them then I wholeheartedly point you in the direction of Trevarno in Helston Cornwall's amazing organic skincare stuff. I've used Trevarno for about six years now after discovering them whilst on holiday. They produce amazing organic and natural soaps and skincare that turned my skin around (I've struggled for years with hard to manage skin and Trevarno miraculously cured its ills).

Anyway - baby Esme is suffering a bout of bad baby acne and when I went to order some Trevarno baby camomile soap there was none to be had. But the lovely people at Trevarno pulled the stops out today and are sending me some especially for the babe. How nice is that?

What groovy people they are.
Go buy some - you won't regret it! In fact I guarantee you'll be back for more.

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