Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Mummy Love

Being a mummy right now is great. More than great in fact.

Got my all clear from the docs and determined to stop pushing myself and try to take things a bit easier (I'm bad at push/push/pushing for more).
Time to stop and smell the flowers - and enjoy precious moments of watching baby grow!
Eldest daughter has calmed (all hail Dr Tanya Byron - her Little Angels tips are working!)
Baby Esme is growing as big as a prize pumpkin in the run up to the county fair - and her baby coos and ahs are a delight to behold (heart-melting stuff).
And in a couple of weeks time my lovely dh is off work - when we plan to hold a daughter birthday party at the beach, get pro photos of the girls done (some Xmas present pre-planning), catch up with some friends we haven't seen in ages and HOPEFULLY catch up on some much yearned for ZZZZZs.


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