Thursday, July 26, 2007

Passing Through

Feeling better.
Got a lovely pressie today from my Aunty from Spain - a baby bib with Esme Kate embroidered on it ( easily pleased? Yus sur!)
Check out the word worm - it's gone up (well erm I cheated and lowered my target - but I've finished off the chapter so it's not all forgery!) 9 per cent!

Just wrote another short story and hoping it will be liked/accepted etc. Aiming to send off soon.

Went to baby massage classes with baby - she loved, she cooed, she passed out like a narcoleptic on the floor!

Am reading Dr Tanya Byron and practicing being the cool mummy guru of calm 'non-reaction' during intense bouts of four year old 'rousing' tantrums and misbehaviour! It's kinda working, I think. Let's just say the words 'Go to your bedroom now please' said in a zen like tone are featuring heavily. Ooooom!
Oh and Pip's got some exciting news coming up at her blog...doh! I wanna know all now. jx
P.S. Apols to Nat for not being a very good Crit Partner lately (no time) but I'm LOVING YOUR WORK babe.


Natalie Anderson said...

Well I'm not very good either am I? Let's face it, neither of us have any time at the moment! :) Having said that tho, I always have time for a short story... go on, SEND IT TO ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jessica Raymond said...

So glad you're feeling better! :) And great news on the writing -- seems to be going nice and steady.

Jess x

Anonymous said...

Hi honey does the book your reading cover 4 year olds that wake up earlier than the sun comes up!!! can't wait to read your short story
sue x