Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Writing Progress

Three bits of writing progress to report:-

  • I wrote the first instalment about hero Eddie.
  • I got paid for my short story that's coming out in Candis Magazine in September.
  • The eEds at Mills and Boon have responded to my email re my full mss missing in action for six months - I'm to expect a reply this month. Erk.

Good show.


Jessica Raymond said...

"Yay"s all round! :) I have yet to resume anything of the writing ilk, but was thinking about some plot ideas yesterday so might do something soon.

Jess x

Nell said...

Oh, my fingers are firmly crossed for you that you'll get good news from M&B.

Natalie Anderson said...

OOOh - Jessica's right - big yay for all that - esp the new story - esp the money - esp the hopes for good news SOON!!!!

-crossing everything bud

Phillipa said...

Best of luck, Jude!