Monday, August 20, 2007


A wee whiley ago I blogged pics of Kate Beckinsale and her hubbie. They're my 'working inspiration' for Morven Sinclair and hero Eddie Tulloch.

I like Kate because she looks the part. Chic but sassy and approachable looking. She looks like the kind of woman you want to be friends with. She's also naturally a stunner (which helps as inspiration for any romance heroine!)
While Ed is dark, brooding...with an edge. At first he presents as hard, almost distant. He has his reasons but they're very much hidden from public view.

Their story kicks off with each of them making realisations about their futures and bumping into each other in tricky circumstances.

So far I'm not finished the partial...but I'm getting there.


Phillipa said...

Hi Jude - Morven is an intriguing name. What made you choose it?

PS I have put an Esme in my current wip!

Judy Jarvie said...

COOOOL news about Esme! WTG

Re Morven - I blatantly nicked it. There's another mum at my daughter's nursery with the name so I snagged it. jx

Jessica Raymond said...

Esme is famous! :)

Glad it's going so well for you, Judy. Love the pics, too. I wish I looked like her in photos... Oh well! Do you know yet where you might submit it?

Jess x