Saturday, August 25, 2007

Progress report

Still Morven plods on.
But super sharp CP has put me right on track again. So I’m firing up again for more words tonight.

Today’s word count 9017
Previous 8055
It’s slow progress but tortoise and hare etc etc etc

Jess kindly asked for details and so far I'm aiming it as a medical romance. This wasn't the initial plan but somehow I just got lured in again by hunky Scots doctors...say no more. I'm not sure if aiming at Meds is an unwise move since I've already had a request from a Snr Ed for another line, but I'm going with my inclination to write a med (and anyway I already have a sub with the editor and if it bombs it bombs!) So that's the plan and this time I've some intentions to get pro crit done before I submit primarily because I figure I've had several detailed letters from editors now so I need more indepth help before I put the baby in the post. Well, that's the plan!

Baby is fitting in clothes size 3 to 6 months. She’s ahead of her game!

I'm eagerly buying up summer clothes in one year old sizes in the sales for baby for our holiday next year. Just call me canny. Can't wait. Seriously desperate for relaxation and sun.

In other news I’m eagerly awaiting Wish You Were Here by Phillipa Ashley in Little Black Dress. It’s out and I’m getting mine soon – hurry. Hurry. Visit her website to buy yours.


Phillipa said...

Sexy doctors...yum. I'm looking forward to getting Taking the Leap and at the risk of doing myself down, please don't get TOO excited at the prospect of Wish You Were Here.

Judy Jarvie said...

Hey Pip. The excitement is justified. I am buying in chocolate rations especially. Thorntons. Even Esme is looking forward to looking at the cover while she feeds lol.

Why oh why do I get sucked in by Scot docs? This one's a bit of a dark horse too... jx ps Enjoy Gerry B. Have you indulged in Gerry in Phantom? Mightily recommended.

Jessica Raymond said...

I love reading about people's excitement about their WIPs :) And I'm so glad you're getting to work on it regularly!

No news on your requested full yet, I guess? Or did I miss something??

Oh, and when you wrote "...indepth help before I put the baby in the post" I actually for a split second thought you meant Esme. As in:

"Dear Editor. Please find enclosed my manuscript. Please also find enclosed cute fluffy baby. Return postage is included. Love Judy."

Maybe I'm up too late...

Jess x

Judy Jarvie said...

Oops - my lack of brainpower is evident! Jess you crack me up.
Do you think MnB would let Esme have a wee holiday? Alas no word from the Ed yet. I'm thinking it'll be a while yet. jx