Friday, September 28, 2007


I'm having a trauma. I will say only four words -


Will it ever end? My pillow has more hair than I have.



Jessica Raymond said...

Oh, my God, ME TOO!!

*Fellow shedder hug*

I've been online this week trying to find out just how much is normal. I practically clog the shower plughole when I wash my hair and whenever I pick up/put down Froglet he has some of my hairs on his clothes or in his cot...


Jess x

Judy Jarvie said...

Isn't it just GROSS? Not to mention quite scary as you start to convince yourself it's gone past normal levels into BALDNESS territory.

I've heard horror stories about bald patches.

Oh well here's to the Raquel Welch wig collection. I'm thumbing my copy now.

P.S. I've never read of a category romance heroine losing her hair before. Food for a future conflict.

Judy Jarvie said...

Meant to mention last week at baby group in the village everyone came around my chair and stared at the hair lumps on the floor where I was sitting.

SHUDDER! Paranoia has set in.

Jessica Raymond said...

Yes, I have been (delicately) combing through my hair with my fingers this week checking for bald patches. I don't have any but the hair by my temples is really starting to look like baby hair... *shudder*

Bald heroine. Interesting. Could work!

How mean of everyone to stare at your hair in baby group! My neighbour coloured my hair the other day and it was only after I'd mentioned the loss that she meekly said: "Yes, I did notice when I was brushing it out." But she said the same thing happened to her.

Together we will beat it!!

Jess x

Judy Jarvie said...

Balding mother's unite.

Maybe I could knit Esme a mullet wig with the fallout?

Marcy said...

Don't does return, I promise!

Although I stressed myself out so much when I returned to work (babe was 14 months, so not due to hormones anymore) that I did lose 2 patches of hair. But after 6 months it grew back, thank heavens.