Saturday, September 01, 2007


Yesterday, between feeds and the various Mummy duties that constitute my life, I happened to switch on Good Morning whilst hoovering (it's a heady whirl this world of mine!)

Anyway - cut to interesting bit - ages ago I was addicted to a prog on Hallmark called Judging Amy which I particulary 'dug'. Reasons: the judge Amy was kinda cool, with great ethics and it was nice to see her struggling with romantic and 'mummy' problems just like your regular Joe or Josephine! In addition - the love interest man candy was JUST DIVINE but alas - I could never manage to find out his name or get any pics to blog about.

Jude cuts back to Good Morning on TV: there sat my dreamboat lawyer guy from Judging Amy on the sofa chatting to Eamon Holmes. His name is Adrian Pasdar and he's married to a Dixie Chick (ain't they always!) And he's still scrummy as he ever was.

Enjoy...oh and feel free to score him out of ten if you're so inclined! Personally - he's my nine and a half.

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