Monday, October 29, 2007

Esme By The Ouse

We're back and York was lovely - nice walks by the river Ouse (see pic).

Also featured is new ultra short hairdo. A dramatic cut (hey there's even a red flash at the side) - but it showers and styles like a dream.

I'm officially in the submission doldrums. No news, and it feels like it's been forver. They say no news, is good news - but waiting, waiting, waiting really does suck. jx


Nell said...

Hugs, I hear you on the waiting - sigh

Natalie Anderson said...

So glad you're bakck and the hair looks FAB.

(((hugs))) on the doldrums. It really, really does suck.

Jessica said...

*HUGS* Hope you get some good news soon. Glad you had such a lovely time, and thumbs-up for the easy-maintenance hairstyle!

Jess x

Phillipa said...

Yes Jude. I *love* your hair. ((hugs)) on the waiting.