Monday, October 15, 2007


I think I've been jinxed:
Computer went on fire (though we did rescue the hard drive). Have just purchased a lovely new one a la John Lewis (Windows Vista here I come)
Fridge freezer went strange - had to buy a new one (ugh - expensive)
Because I'm computerless forgot to renew my web domain (double ugh). It's now sorted
All the family have a hideous cough (baby too). Right now she's sleeping soundly. Here's hoping it improves or we're doctor bound tomorrow.

Now lookie here fate gremlins - no more jinxing! jx


Ray-Anne said...

Except of course you do have FABULOUS Snogs of the Month!
Only good times ahead [ snort]
LOL and take care all, Ray-Anne

Natalie Anderson said...

Golly I'm glad to see you back online! YAY for the new computer but (((hugs))) over the darn fridge - it all always happens at once doesn't it??!!

Nell said...


Phillipa said...

Welcome back Jude - you have had a jinxed few weeks. Hope you're all better soon. P x