Monday, October 01, 2007

Three things...

Three things made me smile today.

First - the weather, it's gloriously sunny! Like a scorcher June day and yet it's October first. Go figure?

Second - whilst uploading pix I saw this one of Esme dressed up for taking big daughter to nursery. Puff baby the hip hop legend.

Third - watching big daughter riding her tractor round the garden in the sunshine. Wearing a mini skirt and glass slippers. That's one kick ass Cinderella in training lol.



Phillipa said...

Oh Jude.. I still have odd items of DD's baby clothes. Can't bear to throw them away. just you wait until you can't get in their rooms for clothes, shoes, books and junk!

Jessica said...

Aw, so cute :) Hope you got a picture of big DD in her fancy outfit!

Jess x

Natalie Anderson said...

I hope you've still got sunny weather and are still wearing a smile!!!

Come out and tell us how you're doing!