Monday, November 12, 2007

Desperately Seeking Chou Chou

Okay - I'm about to rant.

It's not even mid November and I'm in Xmas gift crisis. Why I hear you enquire?

Baby Chou Chou dagnamit!

Daughter No 1 wants the must have doll this season - Chou Chou Mummy Make Me Better. It's a strange doll that gets bruises you heal (don't even go there - yes it's a mad Munchausen-esque idea) but she will not be budged. We've tried softly persuading but to no avail - she's even mumering Chou Chou in her sleep. And Chou Chou is as hard to get as an Alpha Male at a Village People Concert.
Tho doll should be called Chou Chou Sent Mummy Crazy Trying To Locate Xmas Gift. I'm perplexed but persevering.

Chant the mantra with me - I will not pay double on ebay. I will not be suckered.
Must go. I must press on with the search...

1 comment:

Nell said...

Judie if you want me to look around here for you I will. I can always mail it to you if I can get it. There are some small private toyshops I can try.