Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Hurrah For Hubby

Daddy did the business (hurrah for SUPERDAD) - he found the much sought after dolly in Tesco Direct in Edinburgh when he popped in for a sandwich! Well done Dad. And thanks (Nell) for the offer to look.

Apparently a Chou Chou went for £75 on ebay at the weekend. Lucky for me we haven't had to resort to buying one at auction.

And daughter will never ever know the bother we've had (two internet orders that went wrong and a fruitless round trip to Dundee and back during peak Saturday mayhem). The things we have to do...



Nell said...

So glad you got one. You should have got two and ebayed the other one.

Jessica Raymond said...

Hurrah!! Well done Judy's hubby :) So glad you got Chou Chou in the end.

Jess x

Ray-Anne said...

Chou Chou???
It is a different crazy world out there - but thank you for providing me with a subject for my own blog today.
And yes, SUPERDAD gets extra points, even if Nell is right about the Ebay.
Happy shopping! Ray-Anne

Judy Jarvie said...

No problem Ray-Anne. I'm just happy my pester-power trauma has given you blog fodder lol.

The topic of why I didn't buy a Chou Chou to flog at profit is a tricky nettle to grasp. Kinda makes me seethe that there are some people who snaffle up all the toys to make a buck (do you know I actually got an email direct from a seller offering one at £15 above shelf price - gnash of teeth!!!) Surely, we're ripped off enough aren't we?

Ah well - I suppose that's what Xmas is all about. Peace, goodwill to all men and spending ages and too much on the shopping. Roll on December!

p.s. I want to read the J Crusie Santa story now sounds unmissable!!

Phillipa said...

Jude - so glad I don't have to hunt down these must-have toys any more but I've done it in the past. Hope your dd enjoys her Chou Chou.
P x