Friday, November 23, 2007


I'm wallowing but it's allowed.

I got a R on the mss that's been with MnB Modern Extra since the turn of the year.

It's a good R.

But it's still an R.

I will pick myself up and sock it to them - I promise.

But for now I'm wallowing. And indulging in divine pics of Gerry Butler.



Marcy said...

So sorry about the R. But like you said, it's a good R. In fact, it's a great R with comments and a comps slip.

You're close. Keep your chin up. You'll do it!


Nell said...


Ray-Anne said...

You know that you can do it, but I know how hard it is. Hugs from me too.
Is there a club for HMB rejectees? :-)

Phillipa said...

Hi Jude

((big hugs)) on this but is there another home for your witty, sparky voice and gorgeous, intelligent heroes?

PS Your pic of Gerry is absolutely divine.

Judy Jarvie said...

Ladies - you are all a marvellous tonic. Add a double gin to it and I'm laughing.

It's okay. I'm over the R. And already doodling other ideas...

I keep getting feedback from eds telling me I'm UNIQUE - every R I've ever had uses this word. It's starting to fascinate me (and making me paranoid).

Do you think they're really saying - strange?!?


Julie Cohen said...

No, they're saying you have a strong voice. This is a GOOD thing.

(((hugs))) for you, good for the new ideas.

Jessica Raymond said...


I agree with Julie -- being unique means you're going to stand out from the crowd. Can you try and find an alternative home for your MS? Perhaps, say... one named after clothing that is small and dark? ;)

And well done you on it being a good R!

Jess x