Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Well Wha da ya know!

I've written 8000 words.

Shocked - me too! That's what a detailed letter from an editor can achieve - BICHOK. Actually its BIBHOK in my case (butt in bed - with alphasmart - hands on keys). I'm aiming for at least 500 a night (she said wistfully)but so far I've done better.

Anyway Baby E has been a bit of a 'no sleep scamp' lately so the aspirations may not come to much. Here's hoping she sleeps more when weaning kicks in.

As for the story - it's an office romance involving Grant and Neesha. And I'm enjoying their banter so far. But also on a steep learning curve to SLOW DOWN and sit on my hands with the wit a bit more.

Not easy for a dyed in the wool word pun spitter like me - but I'm trying hard. If anyone has tips for how to slow the pace - I'd love to hear em... Oh and I'll leave you with a wee pic of a handsome chef I stumbled on and am using as inspiration for the wip. Introducing Matt Tebbutt. Calm down girls - in real life this one is married. Boo hoo. But as inspiration goes - he's doing just grand. :)


Phillipa said...

Hi Jude. I am SO glad that you are really into your writing again. I understand totally about the banter/wit/pun thing. I am always wondering if I overdo these things myself...

Jessica said...

Yay, Judy, so pleased for you! 8k is v. v. impressive INDEED. I'd be inclined NOT to slow your pace if you find yourself automatically getting through the story at a good rate. Just get the words down -- you can always re-edit them later!

Hugs to you. Charlie's sleep did sort itself out once the weaning was established, but it also helped to cool his room down a little. We'd turned up the heating but were still dressing him in the same layers for bed. I left his window cracked open one night and we didn't hear a peep until the next morning!

Jess x