Saturday, December 15, 2007

Eureka moment

I've had a bit of a eureka moment in my writing (amazing what an enforced week or so off from the WIP can do!)

A good writing friend and Harl author gave me some gold-dust advice on what to focus right in on and these tips have really helped on the current 'early stages' WIP.

Yesterday I had a fresh read and a fresh edit and could see all my old tendencies to 'flick on the wit' instead of 'digging deep on the goals and motivations' and sticking to plain talking for punch. What an amazing revelation it was.

I've learned the following lessons -
  • sometimes I get too caught up in trying to impress an editor that I forget to just tell the story
  • one gem of unique voice speaks volumes and pulls the reader in. Too many and you're losing the flow so use sparingly for punch
  • think character arcs in every single chapter - it's how to keep the conflict and pace on track
  • the alpha male is all. Get him on the page and make he and the heroine's world your own.

So after cutting - it's a much better piece of writing. I can totally see what the editor has been getting at. I've also had a real splurge on the conflicts of the H and h.

Big lesson learned.

Progress. Slow but steady progress.


Jessica Raymond said...

That's great advice. I'm so pleased your WIP is going well!

Jess x

Nell said...

Sounds like you're doing great - fingers crossed that this will be the one!

Phillipa said...

Jude, I've just read your friend's great advice and it's just what I need right now. the only difference is with the type of book I'm writing, you don't necessarily want that Alpha male there are the start - in fact he can come in much later on. But you're so right about the conflict and emotional punch. I just had to completely trash 16k words of my wip to focus more on the drama.

Judy Jarvie said...

(((Pip))) on losing all the words.
But hoping your mojo spurs you into a great writing zone from here. jx