Sunday, December 30, 2007

Hogmanay Approaches

2007 has gone too fast:

Speedy Roundup -
  • Taking The Leap was published in APRIL 2007! Yey!
  • Short story Night To Remember published in Candis.
  • Pregnant and growing bigger for the first six months of 2007! Oh yeah am I glad to be out of maternity jeans.
  • Esme born two weeks late - enter cutio babe and sleepless nights.
  • Eldest daughter adopted and goes from strength to shining, shouting, crazily running around the house in a flurry of bracelets and handbags strength!
  • Discovered the writerly joy of ALPHASMART - and boy do I love my Alphie (in fact wouldn't manage to write a word without it!)
  • Tinker our lovely cat died - sad.
  • Sipping Bliss rejected by MnB (a bit crestfallen but good R so don't blub!)
  • New WIP on the go after a long time with little writing progress of note!

Hopes for the new year

  • To make time to write and FINISH projects!
  • To not give up the Mills and Boon publication dream quite yet.
  • To make time for craft and composting and writer's rest too.
  • To relish every divine moment of my little girls - it just goes so fast!
  • To stay away from EBAY - it's just a fancy looking 'big girl's post office set' plaything crafted by the devil's own hand.
  • To start yoga again (though with babe around I doubt I'll get the chance!)
  • To stop buying ultra cute pink baby clothes - she grows too fast.
Here's wishing you all health, happiness, smiles, cuddles and lot and lots of good times in 2008!


Nell said...

Happy New Year!

Jessica Raymond said...

Good ones, Judy! I need to make mine later on.

Happy New Year!

Jess x

Phillipa said...

Good luck for 2008, Judy

P x

Ray-Anne said...

Ah, the devil EBay.
DO NOT let yourself loose on YouTube - seriously. You think you are justified in creating the perfect playlist for the WIP and three hours later you are listening to lectures on garden care by Percy Thrower!
A brilliant list of course.
All the best, Ray-ANne

Judy Jarvie said...

Ray-Anne - ROFL! You crack me up.

Sad thing is I have several Percy Thrower tomes upstairs. Signed ones. Hangs head in shame. Yep I'm a garden nerd (glad you are too).

Will steer clear of You Tube. I always end up watching Flashdance and old Wombles vids and showing my age.