Wednesday, December 19, 2007


I was standing in Sainsbury's at the till today (as you do) and suddenly my eyes flicked up to the book cover right beside the magazines - and I nearly melted into a pool of lust. Look at it. I mean gorgeous with big bling diamante knobs on....

God Gerry Butler just cannot get anymore fundamentally SUBLIME. And I am seriously wishing he could be on the cover of my book (in my dreams!) Maybe I should write a letter to Santa?

And if I ever come back as someone else's earlobe. I want it to be Hilary Swank's in the picture. Talk about made to make your mouth water gg


Jessica Raymond said...

I must be honest -- I've never really "got" Gerry B. before. But now, having seen that pic...?

Oh yeah.

Jess x

Ray-Anne said...

You should take a look at the trailer for this movie on Google. Have tissues to hand, to collect drool and teary sniffles.