Friday, December 28, 2007


Just wanted to say that the word worm is growing again. Phew.
I am still going on this story...and the partial is now virtually polished and syno done.
So it may not be as fast as I'd like - but it's progress. And progress is good.
On another note - went to the Jan sales today with eldest daughter.
Log jam, crowds, rude people, lotsa pushing and shoving (bah!) Not half as satisfying as bichok.


Jessica Raymond said...

Am so inspired by your progress Judy, however slow you think it is!

I tried the sales yesterday, with Frog in tow. He gazed around quietly for the first ten minutes then started grunting and going red in the face. (A short attention span where shopping is concerned, just like his dad.) I didn't even get to try anything on :(

Jess x

Judy Jarvie said...

What I omitted to say is that eldest daughter loves playing hide and seek in the clothes racks and frightening old ladies in M&S by jumping out when they least expect. Thing is she loves the shopping, but her ideas of how it should be conducted conflict with mine.

Gotta laff.

And re the writing progress. Jess, it's my sanity right now. I need it more than ever. Because I honestly am sometimes lucky if I get the spare time for a 'private' cup of tea. So at least if I spend forty minutes writing - I feel sort of satisfied by the end of the day. I love my kids to bits and thank heaven for them every day, I just get writing withdrawal after years of indulging without issue.

Hey. At least Froggie will save you money now. Or you make sure Dad and kid go fly a kite so you get Sales rummage day :)

p.s. been up all night with baby with cough so I resemble Pee Wee Herman today. Nice.