Monday, April 30, 2007

Nat's Book Is Out!

Today I could be found lurking between the shelves in WH Smiths and hunting out the Lesser Spotted Genus Mills N Boon Modern Extra Sensual with my trusty digi cam! Nat's book - All Night With The Boss - is out now and here's me pictured, grinning like a loon beside it. I was trying not to be perturbed by the staring people who thought I'd gone demented.
Note also my lustrous and fabby new 'pre baby's birth easy to manage' hairstyle. I know - it does make me look like a cross between Scarlett Johansen and Catherine Zeta Jones doesn't it?!?!?!? Just natural assets I guess...and a good imagination.
Oh what a busy day! jx

Thursday, April 26, 2007

The George Clooney Mystery Continues...

Haha! I love a bit of mystery. No Pip it's not a pair of GC boxers...and no I haven't had a restraining order put on me in order to obtain the prize. Sheesh. What do you guys take me for?

The prize will probably come as an anti-climax now...but as I said, it's the perfect accompaniment for tea! It's also a rather natty ornamentation for the home. You'll be able to put it somewhere prominent and dust it regularly. So stay tuned... I'll leave the contest open a bit longer to see if I can tempt more interest. And just because I'm evil and like people guessing.

In fact if anyone guesses what the mystery GC item is - I'll even send them a small prize! How's that for generosity? There are runners up prizes too who'll each get a special GC item. So it's worth entering.

I know. Just too exciting.

But it's not boxers. Or even a thong. Or big baggy Y fronts.

Or large saggy long john pants. GC is definitely a commando guy girls.


Monday, April 23, 2007

Contest - Enter Now Or Regret It

This pic is especially for Pip, by request. And rather nice it is too.

I'm feeling rather smug at the interest the term 'A George Clooney souvenir' has garnered. I should probably point out that it's not a GC personal item.

It's also NOT the extremely tasteful I'M MRS GEORGE CLOONEY set of matching thongs I laughed with great mirth at on Ebay this morning (see above - and I suspect I'll definitely have to purchase those for someone's Xmas).
But back to the CONTEST prize. It is something rather special...and it goes well with the other prizes. Let's just say it's going to look rather splendid with your tea and shortbread. I know - I've got you hooked now.

If you haven't entered the contest. Do, do, do, do, do! I beseech you.


Sunday, April 22, 2007

Contest - A - Rama! it's what's up for grabs:

  • A signed copy of Taking the Leap (woohoo)
  • Superior blend Scottish Tea Bags (I know exciting isn't it) and Finest Shortbread (any self respecting Scottish Granny would die for this!)
  • A George Clooney souvenir (gorgeous and wondrous to own)
  • Some Scottish bespoke smelly products (mighty fine to the nostrils!)
  • A bad taste Scottish nick nack from the tourist office involving sheep (just because)
So here's the killer question - for heroine of Taking the Leap Anya, Dr Max Calder has a striking similarity to a certain U.S. E.R. doctor.

Contest Question - WHO IS THIS MYSTERY HUNK? (hint - he's on this blog as hunk of the month...he's also pictured below in a jacuzzi.)

Simply give me a blog comment or send me an email with Contest Answer in the title line. You could be the lucky ducky selected at random from the sand bucket of a very excited blonde haired four year old with manic tendencies.

And if you win you could be slathered in toiletries and feasting on shortbread before you know it - or vice versa depending on your personal preference.

C'mon - what're you waiting for guys?

Surely the tea-bags alone are a clincher?


Saturday, April 21, 2007


You can now buy Taking The Leap!
Isn't the cover just lovely?
I know - I've been billing and cooing and stroking it for some time now. Feel free to touch your screen and do the same. lol.
Taking the Leap is now available here in print or ebook format as Moonlit Romance are experiencing some technical issues right now (Sheila and Laura have been stalwarts trying their hardest to rectify things!) Rest assured normal service will be resumed soon.
The strangest thing of all is last week I had internet service provider issues for TWO days. Now the jinx of the evil IT pixie is pestering the Moonlit Eds. A word of warning - keep your head down lest it pick on you next!
Anyway - Taking the Leap's available. It's looking lovely. And if you're quick you can be one of the first to get your hot little hands on a copy. If you want to read an excerpt or find out more check out my website here.
Tomorrow I'll be posting a contest. I know...and it's going to be good.
I figure I've had enough excitement for now so I won't announce it yet. Any more and my head might explode. Truly. I'd better go and lie down.
Judy xxx

Friday, April 20, 2007

A Very Special Day!

Today should be a VERY SPECIAL day!

Taking The Leap is out with Moonlit Romance - go buy your copy right now (please?) Of if you need more convincing on why you so badly need to read a copy then check out the Unique Enterprises blog which has snippets and blurb and more...

Later I'll be posting the cover (!!!) it's fab.

I also hope to post a contest so come back for a visit won't you?

Sadly for now my ISP is playing silly and I haven't had email for two whole days which makes me a bit 'grrrr' around the edges (if I owe you an email sorry - I will catch up when the internet pixies have sorted their act out!)

For now let's just say a collective YEY (and a big thanks to my editors at Moonlit) that the day is finally here and my book is finally out. I'm very excited.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Prince of the Plunge Pool

It's hot here! And what does everyone want to do in hot weather? To take a dip of course. So here's my fantasy dip partner.

Imagine the long, iced drink on the side and the tiny flamingo print bikini (though for this you have to omit the huge pregnant watermelon stomach - but that's okay, this is a fantasy and missing things out is allowed).

Just drink him in and enjoy. How's that for thirst quenching? jx

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Prep Time

Today was Antenatal & Parenting Class at our local hospital. Just happened to be the hottest day of the year so far (conveniently squashing about thirty pregnant 'couples' into the smallest, tightest and hottest room in the hospital). Hmmm.

The good news - I'm not the biggest pregnant woman alive. It really is true. The bad news - there's a lot more to take in about this 'having the baby lark' than I ever imagined.

So now I'm set. I've seen the equipment (don't even ask), been told about all the physio delights that are in store both before and after birth (oh goodie), seen a replica babe squashed through a fake pelvis. My dh is curling up in a ball of angst at the mere suggestion of some of the things they 'touched on' today but happily he's too scared to show it and is instead giving me a grimace style smile. The midwife warned the men that should they faint they'll be kicked under the bed out of the way (LOL).

So now I'm up to speed on labour and birth (allegedly).

Should I bolt for the exit now? Or as I suspect... is it too late to do a backwards Moonwalk to escape from it?

P.S. How cutesome is this baby?

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Three Yeys!

Yey No. 1 - Baby's head down! Clever bub.

Yey No. 2 - My liver function's gone down. Don't know how but yeyey!

Yey No. 3 - This morning (bites knuckles) I saw my book cover for the very first time. It's scrummy and I can't wait to post it. But I'm waiting until it's been outed on Moonlit first.

Now that's what I call a good day...and guess, no need to crawl around the room with bottom in air. Result! jx

Sunday, April 08, 2007


The baby hasn't turned yet. Hmmm. But it has been kicking lots. Maybe it doesn't like my crawling japes. That's what I get for listening to Dr Google.

I'm writing lots though. So it's not all bad. So far I'm a third done!

Happy Easter. jx

Friday, April 06, 2007

Turn baby, turn

Hurrah! My high liver function is down a bit. Don't know how this was achieved but it's all good (though I do have a hunch that the regular water and fruit juice drinking hasn't hindered the process - but hey, could be a fluke!)
The pic to the left is how I'm feeling about tummy baby. It's upside down to where it should be. It's head should be down and it's bottom should be UP! I said, UP!
And ever since I've found out, I've been plagued by annoying songs. E.g. 'Upside Down' by Diana Ross. Grrr - not good. And 'Beach Baby, Beach Baby, Gimme Your Hand' has morphed into 'Breech Baby, Breech Baby...and so on'. Hmmn V annoying.
So I'm trying to help awkward babe to turn in its own time. Crawling, watching telly over a bean-bag, shoving my behind in the air and my head on the floor for no particular reason (which daughter finds hysterical and copies whilst brushing my hair at speed). So that's what I'm up to.
Listening to Travis playing Turn occasionally and trying to mentally will a baby to listen. Let's just see what happens...consider it a new challenge. How quickly can this baby be budged? I'll keep you posted.
Writing progress - a little bit; Breech baby crawling and bottom in air exercises - three times; chocolate - regulary to ease humiliation of bottom in air exercises. Most annoying song that's on my brain - Diana Ross, Upside Down.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Rascal Alert

So much for's the nursery's Easter hols and daughter is running wild and free! So this will have to be brief...

Firstly - do check out the Unique Enterprises Author blog this month (see sidebar for link) as there's snippets, tasters and info on Taking The Leap in the run up to its release at the end of the month. So exciting! Here's a reminder lest I forget.


Re the techno babe scan - last week I got a money off voucher for a 3D Wellbeing Scan and since it's dh's 40th over the Easter Weekend I decided to splurge! No news on gender - we didn't go there. The whole baby surprise-a-thon's hairy enough without more to think about!

Since blog time's at a minimum - if I'm not on before it comes Happy Easter to all. And I'll leave you with this pic of gorgeous George Clooney (my new April man - see sidebar for rather awe-inspiring pic of George with a puppy). Who needs Easter Eggs with this around? (I'm kidding, choc's one of the few pleasures I have left!!)

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Is it a bird...a plane?

This isn't an April Fool's jape. It's a womb slumbering babe. My babe!

I'll leave you with this mysterious little person having a nap - and looking a touch on the grumpy side at being disturbed - and will explain more tomorrow. Cool innit? I just keep staring at it. And marvelling at those huffy wee lips (dh says those are genetic from me - harumph!)

Don't you just love a cliffhanger? gg jx