Monday, October 29, 2007

Esme By The Ouse

We're back and York was lovely - nice walks by the river Ouse (see pic).

Also featured is new ultra short hairdo. A dramatic cut (hey there's even a red flash at the side) - but it showers and styles like a dream.

I'm officially in the submission doldrums. No news, and it feels like it's been forver. They say no news, is good news - but waiting, waiting, waiting really does suck. jx

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Thanks for all the kind, uplifting comments.

Although it was all a shock on Saturday, I'm coming to terms with it and she's saved more pain.

Right now I'm off to get my hair chopped off - embracing the hair loss and my inability to find time for hair styling with two kids. We're off for a clan gathering in York this weekend - where Esme is sure to get much bouncing and passing around between rellies. These days she gives us full blown gusty laughs, v endearing.


Saturday, October 20, 2007

To A Friend

We had to say goodbye to a beloved friend today. Tinker. She's been with us eight years and brought us a lot of happiness. Before adoption and a new baby we only had our cats and we've loved and spoiled them like the babies they were when we picked them up from a London cat welfare centre (as tiny balls of mewing fur).

But this morning, in common, with her brother who died two years ago, she suffered a cat stroke that paralysed both back legs. She was in lots of distress. We've seen and battled with this before with Tuppence who suffered two attacks so we knew the signs weren't good. Today we had to make a tough choice with Tinker.

She was more than a pet and a special cat. She was a loyal friend. Words can't describe how much I am missing her.
So to my own wee treasure Tinker, thank you and I love you dearly.


Friday, October 19, 2007


Got new computer.

BICHOK is calling to me. Soon I plan to get back to Mr Tycoon.


Monday, October 15, 2007


I think I've been jinxed:
Computer went on fire (though we did rescue the hard drive). Have just purchased a lovely new one a la John Lewis (Windows Vista here I come)
Fridge freezer went strange - had to buy a new one (ugh - expensive)
Because I'm computerless forgot to renew my web domain (double ugh). It's now sorted
All the family have a hideous cough (baby too). Right now she's sleeping soundly. Here's hoping it improves or we're doctor bound tomorrow.

Now lookie here fate gremlins - no more jinxing! jx

Monday, October 08, 2007


Erk I'm having a computer meltdown. Correction - bro set my pc on fire whilst trying to mend it. So, if I'm offline please excuse me - no internet connection 'til I go computer shopping.

Boo hoo. jx

Monday, October 01, 2007

Three things...

Three things made me smile today.

First - the weather, it's gloriously sunny! Like a scorcher June day and yet it's October first. Go figure?

Second - whilst uploading pix I saw this one of Esme dressed up for taking big daughter to nursery. Puff baby the hip hop legend.

Third - watching big daughter riding her tractor round the garden in the sunshine. Wearing a mini skirt and glass slippers. That's one kick ass Cinderella in training lol.