Saturday, January 12, 2008

Ice Ice Baby

Went for a Sat afternoon walk to our local country park today - it was beautiful. Hardly anyone there, smelled of pine trees and the adults got free rein on the rope swing *me and hubby - yeeha*.

There's a big loch there and the ice was totally frozen over apart from one small area where the ducks were chilling themselves silly. Scary small boys were throwing ice chunks right across the stretch of ice competing to see whose went the furthest. One - can you believe this - asked if I'd let my daughter go on the ice because he bet she'd get to the other side... Daughter's face lit up - she'd never encountered an icy lake before.

Here's my answer - NO! Step back. Keep away from it and don't even think about getting any more adventurous with your IceCapades than throwing things from a very safe distance! They dispersed soon after. But at least I knew it wasn't going to spiral further.

We got nice pics.

Funnily enough my Aunt in Canada lives right by a lake - she told me this week she watched a whole family walk from one side of her lake to the other.


Icy lakes are beautiful - just not very safe.

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Jessica Raymond said...

Eek, very scary! I am glad that she listened to you.

Jess x