Thursday, January 17, 2008

P.S. I Love You

Go see it.
It's worth the popcorn expenditure.


Jessica Raymond said...

Mmm, I am tempted but my other half is not. Have you read the book?

Judy Jarvie said...

I've read the book - was halfway through her Where Rainbows End one when my contractions started lol. It will forever stay in my mind now!

Yeh I had to persuade neighbourhood mum posse to go with me. Def not a bloke film. jx

Jessica Raymond said...

LOL! I will always remember that the night before I went into labour we watched Hot Fuzz and ate pasta bake. Personally, I blame Hot Fuzz -- I reckon all my laughing set off the contractions :)

Phillipa said...

Judy - I haven't been to see this as was put off by the bad reviews and frankly, the cinema trailer. HS doesn't do it for me and as for GB's accent I allowed to say I don't like i and it detracts from his scrumminess?

What was it like 'in the flesh?

P x

Judy Jarvie said...

Frankly Pip if I'm being brutally honest here Gerry's accent is PANTS. I just had to blot it out completely and pretend he just had a mad accent.

Otherwise it was decent entertainment. Tho the whole grieving vibe was overrun - but I guess that is the whole story so that's what it delivered. The fun moments were very worth it tho. I honestly couldn't complain - but then I REALLY DON'T GET OUT MUCH ANY MORE. So am not the best to judge - hand me a coke and some maltezers and my excitement levels rocket! Just call me sad sleep deprived baby mum. jx

PS The hunky Irish other bloke is rather fabbytabulous tho.

Phillipa said...

Hmmm. Thank you for being honest Judy. He looks so *gorgeous* as well. I think I may have to rent it and use the subtitles!

Dear Frankie was such a brilliant film, too. :)