Saturday, January 19, 2008

Wha da ya know?

Whilst flicking through my bookshelf...I happened upon a book a pal of mine bought me in a Chesham book shop (for a laff because I'd long said I wanted to write romance).
It's called Passion's Fortune - the story of Mills and Boon.
Anyway...for some bizarre reason I looked it up on Amazon. And guess - it's going second hand for £50-£150!
Read that again!!! That's a lot of money.
So should I sell it? Or hang onto it and one day get it out in front of David Dickinson (the British debonair antique expert) ?- What do YOU think?


Jessica Raymond said...

I don't know -- very tempting to sell -- but did they really get it in Chesham? I used to go the library there every weekend when I was little!

Ray-Anne said...

I would sell it. Today. Then buy the new books which will represent the modern business I am trying to sell into.
But that's me.
What NICE pals you have!!
LOL Ray-Anne