Saturday, February 02, 2008


I promised I'd share some snippets on my current project. The novella - working title Wedding Fever - is virtually done, at final final polish stage and should be on the tick as done list come end of the weekend.

So what's it about? Well it's aimed at the sister publisher of the lovely company that released Taking The Leap and it's hopefully for an anthology. It's the story of Flick - desperate bridesmaid who's tripped down the aisle in a supporting role no less than ten times before. It's also the story of Rod - novice best man and fire truck driving hunk. The two of them spar from the off, but then in true romantic style - sometimes the people who get under our skin the most...are the ones we most want to have come out to play with us.

Anyway it's been a hoot writing it and I'm crossing my fingers that it'll hit the marker. P.S. A big thank you to a special person called J for helping poke me into action with the first chapters.

The lovely Jess tagged me - ouch. Read below for more info:

Here's my TAG requirements below (only I'm cheating on the last one and not tagging six others because I'm a Billy No Mates ggg and will suffice with - if you read this and want to do it I'll send you a treat if you do it and tell me about it, and that's a promise):

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  • I regularly eat cheese (cheddar) and jam (strawberry) on a sandwich. It's yummy - though my husband shudders (just as I do at his marmite habit).
  • I'm a bath-a-holic since getting pregnant. The baby LOVED her bathing bliss time. And I just crave having a nice fragrant soak - it also helps me unwind character and plot knots (Marcy can attest to this one oh yeah).
  • I've turned into a smells nut - have to use the same essential oils soap, my fave bubble bath and my fave Yankee Candle *Willow Breeze* to unwind in the evenings...I'm turning into a very rigid creature of habit (which scares me!)
  • When I was 16 I used to model my hair (for hair mag photos) Cringe, I know. But I have very strong thick dark hair that gel can scuplt like araldite.
  • I have a thing for dark pink roses - love 'em to bits. And at the garden centre you'll usually find me among the David Austin roses umming and ahhing. Dead heading my garden is a nightmare though. I like to think of my roses as 'a confection of pinks'.
  • Some places that stir my wee beating heart are - Provence, South of France and Glencoe in the Scottish Highlands. I also long to visit Vienna (so that I can listen to Ultravox on headphones, have whipped cream hot choc and take in the ambience!)
So I'm done. Now back to polishing. That's writing polishing - not the furniture variety (which will have to wait gg).

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Jessica Raymond said...

Cheese - yum.
Baths - yum.
Yankee Candle wares - yum. (Have you found their jar-shaped car fresheners?)