Thursday, March 20, 2008


Sorry I've been absent for a while. A quick recap on life lately:
  • Baby crawling/sliding around at speed of knots. Scary.
  • Baby in love with Little People's Farm toy and the noises it makes. Also hypnotised by In The Night Garden. Down side - teeth are hurting on a regular basis.
  • Judy - getting no writing time and it's getting her down.
  • Obsessively checking the Instant Seduction info on I Heart Presents since they announced they'd picked winners. Not that I'm in the least thinking it could ever be me - I'm just an obsessive about announcements!
  • Reading Silhouette Nocturnes for a nice change.
  • New windows coming soon (please get rid of this 'orrible windy/rainy weather first or we will all freeze for a week!)

Happy Easter to all.

I'm off to catch crazy crawling baby. jx


Jessica Raymond said...

I have been very blog-absent lately too. Much stuff on various plates.


Marcy said...

It's a whole different world once they start crawling. Enjoy!

Phillipa said...

Welcome back Jude!