Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Two Facts

Two facts (one exciting, one not so exciting) -

Good fact - My baby is just cutting her first tooth - yey! I found it yesterday. What a clever baby.

Not So Good fact - I'm just about to spend an awful lot of money on crazily perfect windows to replace crazily imperfect ones. Glazing nightmare. Let's just say I'd like to have very stern words with the 'rubbish' builder of my rather new house. Big financial ouch.

No other news - but I LOVE Pip's idea about a hen lit novel about Ebay-itis. Pip - you are inspired! (Big air kiss) Can I pinch it (in order to finance my windows)? lol



Jessica Raymond said...

Hurrah for Esme!! Hope it comes through quickly and calmly! And if she's waking in the night with it may I recommend the wonder that is Medised ;)

Yikes on the windows. You say your house is new -- do you have an NHBC guarantee, i.e. is it less than ten years old? Because you may be able to claim. We're doing one at the moment in our house that is only two and a half years old, because our sink has started to warp away from the countertop and is leaking stinky water into the cupboard underneath!

Judy Jarvie said...

I could bore you with tales of our previous involvement with the NHBC guarantee but I won't. There have been many deficiences/gaffs.

Suffice to say when the guarantee was pursued, it took a long time waiting, was initially resisted by the builder (which didn't endear them to me) though they were eventually forced to sort a big problem *I'm talking water in house due to roof issues*. I was most bemused by the snotty letters they sent me prior to being forced by the guarantee to actually take responsibility!!! The letters told me me it was my problem because the house was ours. Erm - yeh but YOU built it wrong mate!

Anyway, suffice to say I probably should pursue the windows. As technically it's a couple of sills that are wrong (the windows themselves are just 'crap' quality generally). However as the sills and windows are inextricably linked I don't want to risk them 'ballsing' it up.

I've decided I want good ones and want to pay for them because I'm fed up and want 'quality'. So that it'll stay that way for hopefully a long, long time.

Bet you wish you hadn't asked.

I'll go now.

And take my 'calm down' medication.

Anonymous said...

Hello Flower new windows very scary!! We need t and chat I must admit you might not recognise me!! hee hee ....I been to the gym 3 times a week at the moment see you always said I looked fab in green lycra
Love you. xx