Monday, June 09, 2008

Back Again

I'm back from a fab break - hot, beautiful scenery, great views. Very much enjoyed by all.

Good news is my Non Fiction project has a green light - yey!

This week it's baby's FIRST birthday - how can a year go so FAST?

Stay tuned for news of a CONTEST to coincide with the release of my weddings novella this month - let's just say the Highlands of Scotland provided some scrummy, worth having prizes! Come back soon - haste ye back for more details! Especially if you like gorgeous smells and body delights...


Nell said...

Lovely pics.

Marcy said...

Ahh...such gorgeous scenery! Glad you had a good trip. I'd love to see Scotland one day. Did I mention that my Mom was born in Aberdeen, and raised in Glasgow? She'd love to go back one day, so maybe we'll make it a family trip.

Congrats on the novella! Woo hoo!

Marcy said...

PS. Tell me about your non-fiction piece. I'm dying to hear the details.

Judy Jarvie said...

Thanks Nell and Marcy.
Sorry Marcy I meant to answer your question before but mustn't have gotten around to it - it's an A to Z Guidebook for new adoptive parents. Adoption has been a big part of my life and a huge learning curve and I guess I want to put something back in and to help others travelling the same rewarding but at times discouraging and challenging journey.

I initially put in a tentative 'what if' query with our adoption agency never thinking that it really might be a runner as I hadn't even written it. The good news is that with the help of marvellous adopter friends and thanks to a bit of BICHOK it's all done.

I'm delighted that it's coming to fruition - simply because I never really imagined it would! Just goes to show - sometimes you don't have to push too hard and things just work out because they're meant to! (Usually in my life I have the opposite experience)

Thanks for asking.