Monday, June 30, 2008


Welcome to the Blub Fest if you've headed here from Nat's blog after weeping your wee peepers out at her vid clip from Truly Madly Deeply.

Yes we're having a Tear Jerker Movie Tribute and combining for a fun contest - you can win our books, some fabby smellies and other treat items. But you have to open that heart to enter by emailing Nat and spilling your alltime fave weepie movie! We want to know why it hurts - emotion, emotion, emotion!

And so to begin...I cry at lots of strange things. Old movies get me going. Some very bad movies make me cry too. It could be a very long list but I'll hold myself back.

Anyway, I could only kick things off with the one that makes me howl the hardest!

THE PIANO. In fact I won't even try to detail why...everything about it makes my lip tremble and my eyes brim. First of all I'm a sucker for costume drama but this one...well it's just in another league. From the amazing Sam Neill, Holly Hunter and Harvey Keitel - to the pathos of the situation, (a non speaking mail order bride), her love for her daughter, the love affair itself and the passion with music, plus don't get me started on the dramatic horrific climax. I'll be in pieces all over again! Enjoy the vid - just make sure you have a packet of Kleenex at the READY!


Natalie Anderson said...

And filmed in New Zealand too!!! This is a GREAT movie - I love it - but I don't recall crying in it Jude!!! ;)
That's what's cool tho - different things affect different people in different ways...

Judy Jarvie said...

I guess we're all different...but if I'm the only person who blubs at The Piano I'll really be shocked!! I have to avoid watching it because even the music gets me in a tizz.

Then again most people I know cry buckets at Titanic and I never did!