Saturday, June 28, 2008

Wedding Invitation - RSVP

Hurrah! Today The Brides and Bouquets Anthology 2008 is released by By Grace Publishing - currently available in e-book and soon in print too. So rush there and get your copy now!! If you love weddings, this book's a must!

You'll get a book with an amazing cover and two other fabulous wedding stories by wonderful authors Laura Hamby and Sherry Jones - their stories go alongside mine, The Confetti Countdown.

Doesn't a wedding just get you in the mood to celebrate?

Coming up will be a fantastic competition - in partnership with my 'releasing' and Lovely CP Natalie Anderson. Stay tuned for some 'weepie film' fun - we're talking hankies at the ready girls - and your chance to win our books and other goodies.

The wedding's on - and you're invited....


Jessica Raymond said...

Congrats, Judy! Looking forward to the contests, too :) :)

Hope all's well with you.

Marcy said...

Can't wait to read the finished product!