Thursday, July 03, 2008

Excerpt Time

Ever had a tempestuous relationship with someone who pushes all your prickly buttons at once? That’s how it is for Felicity Truro and Rod McAllister. One step forward fifteen backwards in a huffy rage. Which is more than a teeny glitch when Flick happens to be chief bridesmaid and Rod’s best man. Erk, this wedding’s set to test everyone’s mettle!

Oh - and the reason behind the 'weepie film' theme contest. Flick spends rather more time than usual having all her emotional buttons pressed. She's experiencing testing times - and some of it opens up old wounds...

The Confetti Countdown by Judy Jarvie
Part of By Grace Publishing’s Brides and Bouquets Anthology 2008

Felicity Truro’s diary is fast filling up with problems. First there’s the ugliest bridesmaid’s dress in the world, then there’s her sick aunt’s serious secret. But it’s Rod McAllister, the handsome firefighter best man with attitude, who’s melting her willpower and frazzling her nerves the most.
Can Flick survive being a bridesmaid for the eleventh time whilst falling for the groom’s aide for real? And how will she cope when Rod needs a stand-in and she’s promoted to top of the candidate list?

Excerpt From The Confetti Countdown:

Dear Flick
Thought I’d give you a cyber hi-five as Linda gave me your
email and asked me to say hi. Mack tells me you’re chief
bridesmaid, which is great news, so I just wanted to let you
know, how thrilled I am. As you know, I’m best man and I’m
enthusiastic and positive we’ll be a great team. As long as
we both don’t end up wearing lime and purple accents, eh?
Seriously though, Linda’s an interior designer, so I’m sure
we’re home and dry on the ‘taste side.’ Hope to see you at
Crimpley’s Café for the ‘wedding get-together lunch’ next
week. Catch you then.
All the best—Rod (McAllister, Mack’s friend and best man
in training)

Dear Rod
Hi-fives backatya. Ditto to the fabulous news. Linda will be a
stunning bride and I’m so delighted for her and Mack.
Hope you’ve started work on that speech. No pressure, but we
want it to be a Pulitzer Prize number! Joke. Seriously
though—speeches are important and quite hard to write. I’m
certain you’ll do a marvellous job, though. It’ll be up there with
Harold Pinter (I’m told you’re very exacting in everything you

But if you do need help, just shout. We’re all dying to hear it. See
you next week. I happen to think lime and purple accents would
suit you. LOL.
P.S. Don’t call me Flick. I got rid of the nickname after school,
thanks. Didn’t you know? I’m surprised Linda didn’t tell you
P.P.S. Is it Roderick or Rodney? Just curious.

Dear Felicity
Thanks for your input, but the speech is well in hand. In
fact, it’s coming along a treat. My mother’s an expert
speech writer, and she’s been giving me pointers. She
gives talks to the Ladies’ Forum on speech etiquette and
impeccable manners.
The thing about being a best man is you actually have quite
a bit of responsibility and input into the wedding. Though I
suppose being the ‘glamorous bridesmaid’ must be nice,
too. I’m sure you’ll look gorgeous in your dress—lime and
purple would bring out your eyes. Joking.
Are you planning on attending any dance lessons as a
warm up? Just wondered. Rod
P.S. I’m a very good dancer. If you need a hand or are
worried about being rusty, please give me a call. I could do
you a refresher.
P.P.S. It’s Roddy. That’s on my birth certificate. Why d’you

Dance lessons would be superfluous; I’m an experienced
bridesmaid. I also have certificates in Modern and Jazz to Level
Five. Are you thinking of getting instruction yourself? You say
you’re very good, do you have any certificates you’re keeping
quiet about then?

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