Sunday, July 20, 2008

Lord of the Rings: Hungry Eyes

Fab - it's back to the WEEPIES time and we're onto action movies that move you.

So I'm thrilled to post this FANTASTIC/FUNNY excerpt from Lord Of The Rings (with Dirty Dancing accompaniment!)

I really wanted to post the Meg Ryan bit of TopGun - maybe I'll post that anyway soon...cos that makes me teary! But I've loved this Aragon/Legolas vid for AGES.

So what's up for grabs in this weepie contest?

Nat's latest release (a fabulous read that you cannot miss - my that lady can WRITE)
Brides and Bouquets with my current novella The Confetti Countdown
Delicious handmade Scottish highland soap in rose and ylang ylang (wedding theme smells - hmmm)
Also Yankee Candles in Wedding Day scent
And some Scottish Goodies just for fun!

It's not too late to enter - send us your fave all time weepie film moments by the end of the month. The googies could still be yours!


1 comment:

Aideen said...

I'm fanning myself frantically here!! Hilarious but disturbing...yet I remain steadfast devoted to Viggo. I adore that man, have done since I saw him in Witness when I was a little girl of 12 years. He's my all time favourite pin up and I happen to think he's a fantastic actor to boot.
And I did actually cry at The Return of the King when he realises Liv Tyler's character is not dead after all and he just lunges at her with a kiss that stole my breath.
Excellent choice of movie, top pick in my opinion.