Thursday, July 17, 2008

Three Snippets

Life's been good:
1 - I won a prize and it's the fabulous Nell Dixon's new LBD release - Blue Remembered Heels. How groovy is that? You can check our her launch party - and buy her book via her blog here.
2 - I went to see Mamma Mia on Tuesday night. It's fab - I loved the theatre version and though I really wanted to see the flick...well ya know, you always wonder if it'll be okay etc. It was. And I even cried...I know, happy movies really get me that way (hence Dirty Dancing). In fact I sometimes think I cry more over happy stuff than really sad stuff.
3 - I'm firing ahead with the book - and even though it's roughish draft - it's okay. Hope it continues. More news soon.


Marcy said...

I'm going to see Mama Mia next week. Glad you liked it. We'll have to compare notes.

Yippee on the ms progress!!!

Judy Jarvie said...

Great Marcy - I'd love to talk MM. The bit that got me teary was when she's getting her daughter ready for her wedding - an ABBA song I love Slipping Through My Fingers came on and next thing I knew I had big tear blobs running right down my cheeks. I didn't cry at the theatre version - so the cinema one def had the edge there. You WILL LOVE it! And Julie Walters is just fantastic. jx

Aideen said...

I'm glad to hear Mamma Mia get a good review at last.
I was supposed to go with some of the girls last week but they are quite literal people so after reading reviews that slated the movie, girls then decided to give it a skip.
I'm going all on my lonesome this weekend so I'm happy to see it moved you to tears!! Happy tears of course...
And besides, I love Meryl Streep to death. I'd watch that woman clipping her toe nails, she's probably quite brilliant at that too.

All the best,

Marcy said...

I love a good happy cry! A chick flick is just what I need to start my vacation...I'm off work until the 28th. Yippee!

Hopefully I'll get some writing done.


Judy Jarvie said...

Enjoy Aideen - good for you going on your own, sometimes you just gotta do it and I think Meryl will be more than worth it. She is most wonderful (amazing singer!) Colin Frith's pretty darn worth it too.

Enjoy your vacation Marcy. Lucky you!

PS I'm going to the stage version of Flashdance in September - CANNOT WAIT!!!

Phillipa said...

Yay. I loved Mamam Mia for all its cheesiness - it was just such a feelgood movie.