Wednesday, August 06, 2008

The Muse Is Back In Town...

Funnily enough, right after posting about The Book Not Ready To Be Written (see earlier post) - the muse took control, banged on the front door, marched right in and grabbed my winter book by the throat. She's not letting go either - can't get it down fast enough!

Freaky. Even stranger the hero has morphed into unconventional hero - Richard E Grant.

I know - strange! Though I do think he's lovely and he fits the bill a treat.

As does heroine Rachel Weisz.

I am very grateful to the lovely muse. Let's hope she hangs around until The End. Must keep her here with chocolate bribery.

In other news - the lovely Nell should be getting some itsy bitsies in the mail soon for coming by with her comments.
J - Going back to the slog hungry muse in action!


Jessica Raymond said...

No, I can see R.E.G. in the hero role -- remember Jack & Sarah? (Sniff!)

Judy Jarvie said...

Oh yeh! What a film - and I hate to admit I'd forgotten all about it. My mind is such a muddle these days.

REG does it for me. Glad you agree Jess. He was grand in The Scarlet Pimpernel too...I love TSP.

Marcy said...

Go you! Write, write like the wind...