Sunday, October 12, 2008

And relax...kind of

I'm basking (exhausted) in the glow/amazement/relief of having finished final self edits on the current WIP. A surprise sub for Harl I didn't expect to happen.

Next week it goes off for crit and of course that's when the crows come to stay with big smiles on their faces, taunting me...!

Luckily it's school October break so I won't have too much time to mooch about it.

And already a new storyline (set in the sexy old highlands - hurrah) is whispering in my head. This hero is something else and I am drooling after him already!! Why won't my writer's brain ever take a break? I blame hot showers, that's when it always happens (in my brain I mean!)

Maybe I should just go dirty and flannel wash instead?

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Phillipa said...

Well done on the self edits - they take a lot of motivation! And good luck with your harlequin sub.

I like the sound of the sexy old highlands.