Saturday, November 08, 2008


I'm going underground for a while so I'll bid you a wee adieu. Don't know when I'll be back, but hopefully before the pre Christmas festive rush.

I want to finish this book properly, rewrite and refocus etc etc etc. So I hereby vow to depart the blog for a bit until it's done. That way no blog writing, no blog surfing distractions (well, that's the plan!) AND EBAY IS OFF LIMITS TOO.

Both my wee girls are being particularly 'cute and wonderful' at the moment so I'm enjoying it. Little one now just has to look at a window at dusk and says 'wow wow wow' and claps hands a lot. She's copying big sister's exclamations on seeing all the fireworks displays this week. It's very funny. And sweet.

They've both also mastered their own very amusing dance to Michael Jackson's Thriller. Kids. They just make you smile.

Bye for now!


Jessica Raymond said...

Aah, sweetie little girls! I only wish we lived closer so they could have a play-date with Little Frog (at which time us mummies would obviously enjoy cake and chat). Good luck with the writing crackdown!

P.S. My verification word for this post is "gromisms". What do you think a "gromism" is?

Phillipa said...

Jude- I wish I had your self discipline but have a lovely time writing and with your girls.

p x

Marcy said...

I'm back now and you're gone :(

Hope you have a great time with your girls and you're writing. I hope to crack down now too. We'll see how that goes ;)