Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Goodies

Did you have a good Christmas? Hope you had a wonderful one.

I got some particularly apt gifts this year (hmmnnn, some a bit worrying though):
Perfume - Inspiration by Lacoste - now if only you could buy bottled writing inspiration too ggg!
A kitchen clock in the shape of a large vase of flowers. Sometimes I do feel my days are driven by the kitchen clock, so this at least will make looking at it a lot nicer! Even if my days still speed by. Very pretty!
A book called The Secret Life of A Slummy Mummy - my husband gave me this. It's a very funny book, highly recommended. But what does it say about what my dear beloved really thinks of me!?!?! "It looked like your kind of book," he said by way of explanation. There's a pic of a woman glugging wine straight from the fridge on the cover. Herumph!!

That'll be the Christmas cheer over with then.


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