Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Reasons To Be Thankful

2009 will soon be upon us and 2008 is almost complete.

I'm particularly excited about this year. 2009 brings some lovely things...

Being mentored by the wonderful Michelle Styles! I'm still pinching myself and as much as pressure sometimes scares me I am determined to make the most of this gold dust opportunity. It's honestly like a writing lottery win and even if I never achieve the dream, this chance to learn is wonderful in itself.
Watching my mini dd turn into a bustling, chortling toddler. I really thought I'd hanker for the baby days but the older she gets the more I just love each development. Even the 'new' tantrums have a funny upside. She's a poppet and I just feel so lucky to have her in my life.
Great pals---this year I've shared good times with some great pals who I'm determined to have as 'keepers' (no matter how far across the globe they may soon stray!) My friends have made 2008 great, helpful, supportive and worthy of hugs. They even make turning 40 in 2009 much more bearable.
Opportunities for my dh to broaden his job---he so deserves the breaks. Hard working, patient, good humoured, never gets crinkled around the edges even when the kids are bed-hopping and he's offered to do the ironing while I write. What a guy!

And grateful for 2008's learning curve:
Getting some balance with our eldest---we've all had some tricky nettles to grasp in first year of school, but the good news is that we now have some equilibrium and a much happier little girl who I love so very dearly.

2009 Wish List -
To attend the RNA Conference in Penrith. Fingers crossed. I can dream can't I?
To sub to Mills and Boon again and maybe even to get to grips with something totally new.

Wishing you hearty happiness and good times in 2009.

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Nell Dixon said...

It would be fab to see you at Penrith!