Thursday, January 08, 2009

Big One

Tomorrow is a landmark birthday for me (yaboosucks).

Anyhoo I'll get over the gripes about turning this far on the clock---but so far 2009 and getting to this age is going good.

The writing mentoring is pure golddust! I'm enthused and learning a lot.

My lovely hubbie's laptop gift is just divine. What a great guy.

On Saturday I'm set to indulge in a spa day with my pals. I know, hard work isn't it.

Last but not least, yesterday I got a fabulous birthday surprise from one of my fave harl authors Susan Stephens. A signed birthday present book and card. Colour me gobsmacked and happy.

Makes you glad you're a romance reading groupie. Because the writing community is filled with lots and lots of luve and special people!

Please excuse me, must go exercise the lungs. I have a lot of candles to blow out tomorrow.



Nell Dixon said...

Have a wonderful birthday!

Marcy said...

Hope you have a great birthday, Jude! You're spa day sounds amazing. Enjoy!


Michelle Styles said...

Happy Birthday

Natalie Anderson said...

Oh Happy Birthday!!!!!
Hope you had a wonderful time at the spa... and blew all those candles in one go!!!