Friday, January 23, 2009


Well the wordcount has stalled. For 30k I've had a blast and H and h have been 'sparking' like fury, interest and attraction has been kindled and acted on to a point. Yet now I'm mulling over...

Suddenly I've somehow forced some separation between the main protagonists. Sending the hero off to London on business...he's flying overhead as we speak.

I'm doubting myself here---is this happening to cause a shift, reflection, perspective between H and h? To make them see how they react without each other around? I had just advanced things to shared feelings of attraction...

Suddenly I'm making them stay apart. HARUMPH!

Is this a natural retreat? Or am I being guilty of sidestepping the conflict again? (a particular habit I can't seem to break). I don't want to cheat the reader...but I do think I might need them to have some time apart while they're 'hurtling turbo speed into a big affair'.

This is where the shirt sleeves must be rolled up more fully and the hard work really begins. I must dig out some favourite books and study hard.

Where do I go from here?
We shall see in the fullness of time.

Think I'm finding my own answers on this one thanks to a good bit of cribbing from my most favourite MnB authors---it's okay to have a separation, a bit of distance (as long as the waiting boring bit is offstage). But if you're going to have distance---make sure the return brings a bang, something worth the wait. Wow, now that's got me thinking (wink-nice one ladies!)

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Jessica Raymond said...

Just Write It. You can fix the bits that aren't quite right once it's finished! :) xx