Monday, January 26, 2009

Fantasy Cover Indulgence...

One of my fave things about reading the pubbed author blogs I regularly frequent is their cover debuts...cooo. I look, I drool, I often get hives and just have to buy that book because the cover alone has me salivating.

Something about new glossy fabby covers that gets my heart leaping over in my chest and my wee brain wish, wish, wishing that one day I'll have a sparkling romance cover of my own. I know...I'm a wish-pixie at heart.

So I decided to write my own one...not as exciting as a picture version, but still, a girl can dream?

My fantasy cover has the lovely M&B logo and trademark pink roses banner...and the cover has a delicious clinch moment. Not a hands on anatomy steamy one. Just a 'leaning in and eye signals of intent' kinda scenario.

Niall in a suit (no tie, shirt collar undone) and Mairi with funky short dark hair and sporting something electric blue --- hopefully a yummy silky to die for dress. They're staring into each other's eyes with one of those looks that says---I think I'm going to kiss you, my lips are closing in for the kill. Your lips excite me more than chocolate!

You get my drift?

If I had to pick two ideal models, well they'd be Natalie Imbruglia (cos she's a beaut) and Gerry Butler *king of the gorgeous males* of course. Though I've plenty of understudies lined up if Gerry is working on a movie and too tied up.

Like the sound of it? What's your fantasy cover like? Go on...indulge me. And for any of you pubbed authors out there---what's been your fave to date and why? In fact I may even do a post with my alltime favourite covers...oooo the possibilities.

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Phillipa said...

Jude. Hey, can you imagine having Gerry on your cover?

One of my fave covers is the US version of Mirrabrook Marriage by Barbara Hannay.I loved the book and the cover so much...

I think everyone plans their dtream cover.