Sunday, January 11, 2009

Return Of The SPA DIVA

I'm back!!

My skin is peachy (a miracle no less) and pungently pampered. I had no idea so much gossiping can be done on a trio of poolside lounge beds...there were no cabana boys but still. I think we may also have hogged the steam room.

Being a spa diva appeals to me lots, even if my budget won't sustain it.

The birthday was wonderful. I don't even mind being this old now. I won't bore you with the bday gift parade details but it involved jewellery, 'resplendent handbags' and expensive chocolate. What's not to love?!

I'm not really a materialistic chic. But a landmark birthday kinda brought the 'turban wearer' in me to the fore (see duck at rear of pic---that one is me a la Jennifer Saunders). Now back to the grind. I'm on Chapter Four. Off with the fluffy robe and mules, writing sleeves are being rolled up now...

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Phillipa said...


How could I have missed your 21st birthday! Glad you had such a wonderful time. P x