Sunday, January 25, 2009

Thinking Weekend

Last weekend was a writing weekend, this one is thinking time.
My daughter has a Winnie The Pooh toy that says---um think, think, think. I feel like I'm chanting the same thing now.

Thankfully I think I've managed to crawl out of the 'stuck' ditch and I have a all that's left to do is write and get the 'bleeding on the page' thing nailed (a comes the hard bit!)

Big thanks to my lovely CP Marcy for her eagle eye and courage leaping to my aid.

In other news I've booked my place for the RNA Conference 2009 in Penrith. Yeyey!

So---let's get on with the rest of the book then, I guess. I'm pulling on the writing chaps now and preparing to get back on the bronco.

Here's a Gerry Butler pic interlude to keep you interested while I'm gone. In this one he fits my hero Niall VUERRRRRY well.


Nell Dixon said...

Squee! I'll see you at Penrith!!! I'm planning on booking next month once I've had my birthday money - yippee, can't wait to see you 'live'

Judy Jarvie said...

I'm pretty darn excitabibbly about it myself. Can't wait to see you and---your sidekick---the delicious Pip hopefully.

Jessica Raymond said...

Hooray for conference! Make sure you provide many pics and gossip, etc. And I know just the character you mean: "Now's the time to think, think, think. When you have a problem, think, think, think! Look at every clue like the Super Sleuths do and just think, think, think!" Ah, there are many kiddie songs and theme tunes that I now know off by heart... Rupert Bear anyone? xx