Monday, March 16, 2009


Yep I'm feeling the f word.
Desperate to sit down and write, properly, a good old splurge. Last week was taken up with tweaking, polishing and ill children (both better now, thankfully).
And now I just wanna CREATE, get the wordage down and force the stuff out of my head that's rattling around in there desperate to get out!
But've guessed it. No time.
Lots to do...parents appointments. You name it it's on the calendar.
I want to write, write, write!!! ease some of these frustrations I'm going to have an indulgent moment.
Brandon Flowers. Cue wistful sigh.


Nell Dixon said...

Hugs, I feel your pain. Right now I'm 24k from my first draft of Crystal Clear and the day job sent me on a course that wasn't supposed to have homework - instead it has sixty hours of soul sapping bum numbing boringness and I want to write my book.

Jackie Ashenden said...

Hi Judy! I know the feeling. Too much life happening! Why don't you put your writing time on the calendar too? If you're really time pressed, just put down an hour or two. Even knowing that you have one hour devoted to writing can make the world of difference. Either than or it's notebook time! ;-) As in quickly jotting down ideas in a notebook.

Judy Jarvie said...

Thanks Nell and Jackie.
Sometimes life's just too squashed and the writing loss hurts.
The notebook thing is definitely a big help---guess what I did in bed last night? So felt a bit better. Hopefully more notebook today!! Yey.
Not tried the calender one but I def will---thanks!

Marcy said...

I feel your pain, Jude. Can't wait until April when I've booked a week off work sans kiddies to sit down and write for 4 days straight. Bliss!

Suzanne said...

That's an occupational hazard of being a mum.

Jackie's right, you should schedule some writing time for yourself (said she who talks a good writing time).