Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Girl Power

Well, I figured it wasn't fair to post a pic of my hero Niall and leave heroine Mairi a mystery.

Only this one was a problem---she's firmly in my head but I couldn't quite decide on who fits just right. Then I happened upon this pic of songstress Katy Perry...and well...I think it's the smile, the pose. Maybe it's the tartan skirt that did it too (ggg)---but she's Mairi to a T.

In other news I watched Mistresses last night with the intention of switching off after two minutes. Didn't switch off until The End. Hooked. Now I guess that's the sign of great characters. And fabulous men!
Writing progress---at Chapter Eight now on 'The book that is taking the longest'. I feel it's going slowly, but I do think it's going better. More action (thanks to wonderful mentor advice, I'm going for the action plus rapping myself on knuckles for repetition sins).
Half way through. Must keep at it.

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Phillipa said...

I'm hooked on Mistresses too, Jude and the men are gorgeous - chcek out their page on the BBC site. Yum. Massive hero inspiration.