Monday, April 06, 2009

Learning Curve...BIG TIME

Well this week marks the start on my online course in CONFLICT. I'm very glad to be doing it (let's just say I had a deep feeling yelling inside me that I needed this---and I'm getting something out of it already!)

Second of all---after a week of IRKIRKIRK about finishing the book (the book that has taken the longest to write) and worrying about it I'm feeling a tad better. I'm at big print and polish stage---and I LOVE big print and polish stage. I'm growing to realise that I like this pretty much as well as I like the writing (it's the thought of it that's offputting but once you start, it's GOOD!) So. I'm polishing and tightening and my confidence is getting better...this could maybe work?

Confidence=progress. So yey!

Third of all---I just wanted to add some lines about the wonderful opportunity that being mentored has given me. I could wax and wax about it but I won't. Instead I'm going to jot down my three personal biggies...
  • Despite any inclinations to the contrary, this isn't ~writing showcase corner (fancy writing for its own sake)~ be hard with yourself and focus on story, move it on.
  • Don't shy away from the conflict---confront it, force your H and h together. Make it count.
  • Edit hard---if you've said it before---slash it!

I wanted to post because if it helps anyone else as much as it has done me then that's all to the good! THANK YOU MICHELLE :) I consider myself very lucky indeed for the personalised steer on how to curb the foibles.

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Suzanne said...

I'd thought about joining the conflict course - but didn't get around to it in the end as was too distracted by year end accounts (ugh). Would love to hear how it's going.

Glad you're making such good progress with your book.

You're very lucky to have Michelle mentor you. And thank you for sharing such good advice.