Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Polishing The Family Silver

Well...not really.
I'm polishing the WIP.
And, colour me surprised, it's been better than I anticipated. 100 pages done. I'm pretty pleased with it---I can see I've learned things. Executed growth a bit better than I ever have before. Will this make the difference---who knows?

Nothing like a great wodge of novel covered in pen alterations to make you feel like you're making PROGRESS.

Let's just hope the next half isn't as dented, mangled and rusty, as I strongly suspect. We can only hope! Bring out the dusters and TLC.

P.S. Oh and wouldn't you just bet it would be like this...now that the WIP is slowly drawing to a craggy close. Guess who's popping into my head whispering stuff...Hmmm. It's Mairi's best friend Paula. I really don't need this but I suspect I will have no control as usual! Oh and here's the setting that's calling to me just as hard...


Jackie Ashenden said...

Well done for nearly finishing your WIP! Where are you going to sub it?

Julie Cohen said...

Hooray! Great about being nearly finished, and about the new story calling to you, too!

Suzanne said...

Well done, Judy. That's great going.