Thursday, April 09, 2009

Showers Rock

I've noticed lately...because I've been immersed in writing The Book That Has Taken The Longest...that I get lightbulb moments at particular times.

The shower is one place. Ping goes my brain and something fits. I have to keep a notepad there now (though it is a bit curly around the edges from the steam).

Also morning coffee. Sometimes click it just happens then too, right before I drain the mug.

Well today the shower came up trumps. Even though the books was (I thought) finished and the polishing done on paper something nagged in my brain. A scene missing towards the end...and I wasn't sure how/what/where etc etc.

Thank you shower jets. It appeared fully formed, the right piece that brings lots of the jigsaw together. A shower lightbulb beats a loofah any day!

If only my shower lightbulb moments could extend to other ironing, cleaning duty, clearing out the garage...Too much to ask?


Jessica said...

Probably :( But I know just what you mean -- I always get ideas while in the shower. Also while washing up. I think water must be a mind stimulant for me! x

rayannelutenerblog said...

One writer I know actually had a small dry wipe white board in her bathroom to capture her genius- but she is single and a 'tad' obsessive LOL
On with the show!
All power to the pen/keyboard/crayons.

Suzanne said...

My lightbulb moments happen on the school run - and by the time I manage to stop the car and write them down I've forgotten everything (apart from the fact that they were brilliant).