Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Sun Is Shining...

Yes. Even in Scotland! Okay we've had a few drizzly days but most of last week was lurvely weather (good because our friends were visiting from Cornwall so they saw things at their best!)

And the sunshine is making me want to crack on and get a new WIP sorted out in my head. At the mo I have some random pieces of the puzzle but it's not concrete enough to get me buzzing yet. Must think, think, think.

Oh and the Conflict Course has been excellent. I did need it. Gave me some constructive tools to use now which have even worked retrospectively with the current submission so all to the good. Next month...Deep Editing. Does that come with a free deep pressure massage?


Jackie Ashenden said...

Conflict course sounds like a great idea! Good luck with the WIP. We're sadly entering into winter so no more lovely weather for us. Sniff. Then again, I do have my boots... :-)

Suzanne said...

It has been lovely, hasn't it? Long may it last.

Good luck with the WIP.